About Us

Hello Friends,

I'm so glad you stopped by the AllThingzz Beautiful shop. As a woman of color I have experienced the peaks and valleys of being born in this skin.  However, as time progress the world began to see the beauty from the outside in. 

Nevertheless, I confess that it took me a while to see the real beauty that  ultimately came from the inside.  No matter who you are or what skin complexion God gave you, your real beauty iminates from within.  As a result of your inner beauty ALL THINGZZ really are BEAUTIFUL.

This will be a place filled with a variety of Beatiful things.  First see our beautiful Eyewear, then our Beautiful T-Shirts with Beautiful sayings.

Now take a moment and browse around

Thank you for your support.

Pat Martin, CEO                                                                                          Minister, Nurse, Entrepreneur